With almost 20 years in the industry, YOSHI has worked as a hairstylist in Tokyo, New York and now, in Singapore. If you would like to go for a short or bob hairstyle, YOSHI is definitely the go-to. Although experienced in a variety of men's and women's haircut, he takes pride in his short haircuts, even calling himself a bob specialist. He does not believe in cookie-cutter cuts and strives to deliver a personalised service for all his customers. He listens carefully to your hair concerns and gives recommendations and advice that will help you achieve your desired hairstyles. Instead of just diving right into the haircut, he pays attention to details, even considering what kind of fashion you usually wear and what kind of lifestyle you have in order to deliver you the best haircut that will help you to renew your confidence. 





TOYA has more than a decade of experience in the industry. Having worked at one of Tokyo’s most prominent hair salon brands with multiple stores spread across the city, TOYA’s skills is trusted not only by his customers but also his colleagues. Although he is skillful in many areas, he now mainly specialises in men’s haircut and beard shave as well as head spas and hair treatments. For those who have not been to a barbershop before, let alone a Japanese one, fret not because TOYA is meticulous and loves to produce cuts that are easy for customers to style by themselves. Besides men’s grooming, he is also great at scalp massages and is known as the scalp specialist of the team. If you have any scalp and hair concerns, TOYA is definitely your go-to. Leave it to him and enjoy a therapeutic Cream Bath head spa, organic treatment or even a customised head spa designed just for you. TOYA has only moved here recently and he is always seeking for exciting things to do here in Singapore. So if you have any interesting activities to recommend, do share it with him and enjoy your session here at 25.




 Just like the rest of Barber 25's talented stylists, RIE is a veteran in the industry with almost 20 years of experience, in which 8 years were in Singapore. She is well-versed in various hair textures and styles and strives to solve your hair concerns to help you achieve that perfect look. For the ladies, she is especially great at soft and natural styles so for those who wants to achieve a cute and feminine look, RIE is your stylist. If you want to go bold and change up your hair with a perm or colour, she promises to deliver you a hairstyle that is easy to manage, lasts long and most importantly, one that you would absolutely love! She also ensures that your new hair colour will come out brilliantly with lustre and translucence.  Besides her skills, it is also her friendliness that makes her customers, regardless of age, always enjoy their hair sessions with her. And fun fact - besides English, she can also speak Spanish! 
Rie looks forward to serving you.




Showing an innate aptitude for creativity and fashion early on, the decision to become a hairstylist came easy for GENKI. His natural talent as a hairstylist gifted him the opportunity to work in a renowned global hair salon located in Tokyo where he spent most of his career at. Proficient in English, he then moved to the main salon in New York for 6 years to explore new styles and perfect his craft. GENKI is now a seasoned stylist of almost 20 years and is known to have a calm, yet friendly disposition who is loved and trusted by his long-time customers. With his deep pocket of experience in an array of classic to modern styles, you can leave it to GENKI to recommend only the best cut that would help you elevate your look. He is especially skillful with ladies’ short hairstyles and men’s tapered cuts so if that is what you’re going for, he is the stylist for you. And fun fact — our master director has worked alongside him way back in New York before and she can vouch for his excellent skills in hairdressing.




Translating the light-hearted small talks with her local beautician back in her school days into a serious passion for hairdressing, KANA is a dedicated hairstylist who is always in the know of the latest hair and fashion trends. Although the youngest of the team, she is nevertheless well-experienced, having kick started her career in as far as New York. Her interest in intercultural exchanges had motivated her to take her craft outside of Japan to immerse herself  in a diverse environment and explore new cultures. Moving to Singapore is a first for her and she is excited to discover more of this city. If you are looking to try something new for your hair, like throwing in some highlights, but you are not quite sure what is best for you, let KANA help you find the right fit and tailor your looks to perfection. Her bold personality and natural tendency for creativity makes her especially skillful in hair colour designs. She is also an expert at transforming customers’ long locks into chic, short styles that perfectly complement their face shapes. So leave your tresses to KANA and you will find that her spot-on style advice and affable persona makes every visit a pleasant one.