Women undergo many hormonal changes after childbirth which affect both the physical and emotional well-being. Right after delivery, the female progesterone hormonal levels that had increased more than 1000 times during pregnancy, will drop rapidly back down to its normal levels. This hormonal shift can lead to sleeplessness and extreme irritability. Furthermore, having to breastfeed from morning to night and constantly attend to the new-born’s cries causes interrupted sleep which in turn lead to sleep deprivation. Emotions also fluctuate easily from repeatedly dealing with unpredictable situations while taking care of the baby. With hormonal balance levels that are off, mood becomes unstable and stress is elevated. 

Hormonal imbalance does not only affect the mental state but also physical. Hair loses its elasticity and the texture becomes rough. There is also an increase in hair loss. Besides hair problems, body  stiffness, lethargy and fatigue are some of the symptoms that are experienced.

With that, we have customised a special head spa for those who are experiencing all these problems, in hopes to alleviate the stress and burden faced by mothers during the postpartum period, allow some rest, as well as reduce the symptoms as much as possible. There are various benefits that come with head and hair spas. A scalp massage during the spa helps to prevent hair loss. It softens hardened scalp, improves blood circulation and promotes stronger and thicker hair growth. This strengthens the hair strands and prevent it to fall off easily.  You may not see immediate result as it takes time but gradually, your hair and scalp condition will become better.


You can truly relax as the spa is done in a private room, exclusively for you. Rest your mind and slowly drift off to sleep as if you are spending a short getaway at a resort.  Your hair and scalp condition will improve and it will surely make you feel refreshed afterwards. If you are one of those with these concerns, then come visit us and get the head spa you never knew you needed!

Postpartum Scalp Care - $220

Postpartum Scalp & Hair Repair - $250

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