raw honey spa.

Barber 25 is the first in Singapore to bring in the ​highly-raved MY HONEY products from Japan. Featured on TV and endorsed by many including Japanese personalities like Yamada Yu and Rola, the MY HONEY brand approaches both beauty and health with their high-quality honey food and beauty products. As pure, unpasteurised honey is known to have antibacterial, moisturising and repairing properties with its powerful enzymes, it is extremely good for the hair, scalp and skin. This spa uses MY HONEY's pure Hungarian acacia honey as well as the honey care shampoo and treatment products for maximum effectiveness. Our skilled scalp specialists from Japan will apply plenty of honey and massage it into your scalp and hair for deep cleansing and relaxation. Besides the improved hair conditions that customers experienced after regular sessions, the honey fragrance that stays in the hair until the next day is one of the many reasons to love this spa.


Reduce Scalp Problems
The powerful enzymes and moisturising properties of raw honey are effective for reducing scalp problems such as dandruff, itchiness and oiliness.

Deep-cleansing & Removes Odour
With it antibacterial and antifungal properties, raw honey is gentle on the scalp but still has a strong cleansing power. The enzymes will help to break down any impurities on the scalp which causes odour.

Repairs Damaged Hair
Raw honey supplies nutrients to the inner hair layers, strengthening the hair bonds and restoring its natural shine.

Protects Hair, Scalp and Skin
The coating properties of raw honey protect and beautify the skin. It is also gentle and can be used for body wash.

Volumises Hair

The raw honey foam helps to improve blood flow to your scalp allowing natural herbal medicinal compounds to reach the hair. This lifts the hair roots and effectively restores hair volume and vitality.

Raw Honey Head Spa - $120

Raw Honey Hair Treatment - $160

Raw Honey Head Spa and Treatment - $280

Add-On Honey Scalp-Cleanse to Cut or other Hair Menu - $30

Private spa room available for 1 pax currently, contact us for 2 pax arrangement outside common shampoo area


cream bath.

​In the hot and humid environment that we live in, we often find it hard to manage our hair. Our hair easily becomes dry, frizzy and damaged which leads to bad hair days all the time. We also live in a fast-paced society where the accumulated stress and sleep-deprived days take a toll on us. That is why we are here to introduce the 'Cream Bath' to our customers to offer them a rejuvenating head and hair spa which helps to alleviate stress and revive hair.

Originating from Indonesia, the Cream Bath treatment uses a warm cream to cleanse and massage the scalp for relaxation and effective relief from fatigue. While this treatment may not be something new in Singapore, we are the first to incorporate Japanese spa techniques into this traditional treatment for an improved hair spa experience. 

Our therapist will start the treatment with a cleansing shampoo to remove buildup on your scalp. He will then use a warm scalp cream to deep cleanse the scalp. This cream moisturises the scalp and when combined with our relaxing scalp massage, it thoroughly cleanses any excess dirt that has not been removed by shampoo. This scalp massage helps to improve blood circulation for stress-relief. For those who opt for the 60-min course, steamer is included to give time for the scalp to absorb the essential nutrients from the cream.

Normal hair dry is included in the course. For those who require salon blow dry, please inform upon booking as it is subjected to availability and additional time is required. There will also be an additional charge of $20.

30-Min - $50


45-Min - $80

60-Min - $100 

Private spa room available for 1 pax currently, contact us for 2 pax arrangement outside common shampoo area

organic care.


We use high-quality vegetable supplements from Japan, made specially for scalp and hair. These specialised products are made for professional use in salons only and their quality is highly approved by our talented stylists and scalp specialist. 


There are 3 different types of scalp supplements. Our therapist will conduct a consultation before the service to find out what your  concerns are in order to recommend the supplement which best suits your scalp. 

Starting with a natural cleansing shampoo, dirt, oil and excess buildup from the scalp will be removed to allow the scalp to absorb the nutrients from the products better. The selected scalp supplement and a base supplement will then be applied and massaged into the scalp. The base supplement helps to soften the scalp and when combined with a relaxing scalp massage, it maximises penetration of the natural ingredients and improves blood circulation for stress relief.



Organic hair repair treatment is highly recommended for those with dull and brittle hair. The treatment consists of three steps where three hair supplements will be applied before steaming for an effective hair repair. 

The first supplement is a spray type. It helps to adhere and repair the hair bonds. It strengthens the cortex which is the inner layer of the hair. The second supplement is a cream treatment product which reinforces and protects the hair cuticle. Lastly, depending on hair type, a moisturising treatment will be applied to detangle and give a protective coating for smoother hair.  

Organic Scalp Treatment - $100

Organic Hair Repair - $100

Organic Care Set - $150

(both hair & scalp , free home-care product, save $50)

Private spa room available for 1 pax currently, contact us for 2 pax arrangement outside common shampoo area


carbonated care.


There are many causes of hair loss among which could be hereditary, stress, hormonal changes and age. However, the most common cause of hair loss is scalp buildup. Without proper hair wash, dirt, sebum, styling products and dandruff  will build up over time and clog up the hair follicles leading to hair fall and hair thinning. When faced with hair loss problems, one should consider scalp exfoliation and proper scalp care. 

Our Scalp Care Treatment uses a micro-carbonated shampoo which is a high-concentrated carbonate foam that can deep cleanse the dermis layer of the scalp. The essential ingredient in this shampoo is persimmon, which not only cleanses the scalp but also removes scalp odour due to its high deodorising capabilities. 

The therapist will shampoo the hair with this carbonated foam and combine it with a relaxing scalp massage to maximise removal of excess buildup and  improve blood circulation for relaxation. A few drops of nutrient-rich botanical scalp essence will then be applied on concerned areas of the scalp to promote healthier hair growth. A small complimentary bottle of scalp essence will be given after the treatment to take home. The full-sized essence is also available for purchase at the store. 

Carbonated Treatment - $60

Add-on to  Cut menu - $40

Private spa room available for 1 pax currently, contact us for 2 pax arrangement outside common shampoo area

hair repair.


Do you have dry and damaged hair from frequent hair colouring?  

Tame your tresses with our Nourishing Hair Repair Treatment. It makes your hair manageable and leaves your hair feeling silky and frizz-free. 

This treatment does not only repair the surface of your hair but it reaches the inner layers and supplies repairing ingredients on the inside. On top of that, it forms a five-layer coating to protect the hair and ensure longer-lasting effects. 

For those with fine hair texture, we do have a lighter option to ensure your hair does not feel too heavy after the treatment. Consult with our stylist and they will be able top recommend to you what suits you best. 

Nourishing Hair Repair - $70

Add-on to  Cut menu - $40

Private spa room available for 1 pax currently, contact us for 2 pax arrangement outside common shampoo area