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What is LED Hair Regrowth Therapy?

Featuring products developed by Japan's leading hair solutions brand, Aderans, the new LED Hair Regrowth Therapy is an intensive scalp treatment that works to inhibit all kinds of scalp problems such as itching, dandruff and hair loss. 

Lily Head & Hair Spa offers different spas like the Cream Bath and Raw Honey Head Spa to promote the maintenance of a healthy scalp through a deep cleansing, pressure-point massage. To promote hair growth and solve scalp concerns, going for a scalp massage regularly is important. It will unclog scalp pores, remove scalp odour and stimulate blood flow to the scalp to encourage new hair growth. However, for those who are looking for a more targeted solution to distressing scalp issues, a more specialised range of products is needed to see improvements more quickly. 

Starting from a scalp cleanse, the therapy uses a charcoal-infused cleanser to gently remove scalp buildup and excess sebum. Packed with natural ingredients like Yuzu fruit extract, it helps soothe irritation and provides anti-aging benefits. Followed by shampoo and scalp conditioning, the therapist will thoroughly massage the pressure points on the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and maximise relaxation. Before the red LED light treatment, a hair growth tonic is applied to prep the scalp. With Ginseng Root extract as one of its active ingredients, the tonic revives the hair growth cycle and rebuilds thicker and strong hair.  The last vital step is the carefully designed red light treatment device that utilises the power of ions to increase penetration of nutrients to the scalp, activate cells, and regenerate the skin on the scalp.

What to Expect?

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Why is red LED light
widely used in treatments?

Light has an effect on biological materials and can cause changes in skin cells. Just like how too much sunlight exposure can damage the skin and slow down the rate of skin cell turnover, LED light therapies can also alter the skin, but for the better.

Red LED light is widely used in skin treatments as it promotes circulation and healing as well as increases collagen production and oxygenation. At a particular low wavelength, the red light utilised in these treatments penetrates the epidermis and into the inner layers of the skin, where the key proteins including collagen are. 

For those looking for a painless and non-invasive treatment, red light therapies are safe as it does not burn the skin and it also does not emit any UV rays. Effectively targeting skin problems, it is the gentle alternative to laser treatment. 

Red light therapies are safe as it does not burn the skin and it also does not emit any UV rays.


The success rate of treating hair loss is higher in its early stages than in advanced stages, which would more likely require medical intervention. 

How does red LED light
treat hair loss?

The scalp has five layers and it is considered the thickest skin on the body. As the LED light’s wavelength can reach the deeper layers of the skin, it promotes the penetration of skincare ingredients and activates cells that are essential for skin repair and rejuvenation.

This light increases blood flow to the surface of the scalp and stimulates biological processes that are vital in the production of hair. As the light penetrates and reaches the foundation of the hair follicles, the cells there are triggered to produce more energy which then allows them to replicate more successfully, leading to new hair growth. 

There is no one cure for hair loss as there are many causes of it. It could be caused by medication or genetics. However, with proper scalp care, even the hair loss caused by genetics can be slowed down. The key to treating hair loss is prevention and maintenance through treatments like this LED light therapy. Starting treatment early is crucial as the success rate of treating hair loss is higher in its early stages than in advanced stages, which would more likely require medical intervention. 

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There are, however, no shortcuts to effective results. To improve your scalp condition, regular scalp treatments and continued use of scalp care products are required to restore and maintain hair growth.


Our scalp experts recommend purchasing the packages to get the most out of this treatment as treating hair loss takes time. 



First-Trial - $90

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5 Sessions - $550 ($110 each) 

10 Sessions - $1000 ($100 each)

At Barber 25 and Lily Head & Hair Spa, there is no hard-selling as we prioritise customer service and only focus on delivering quality treatments to ensure a comfortable experience for all our customers. 

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FREE session

Get one complimentary trial and consultation session with our team of professionals with your purchase. Learn how to use the device properly for effective results.

IONIC power 

Using the power of ions, the Hair RePro Z by Aderans helps lock in moisture and allows beauty ingredients from skin and scalp care products to penetrate deep into the inner layers of the skin for better nourishment. 

ULTRA PULSE technology

Some ingredients in skincare such as hyaluronic acid have a higher molecular weight which makes it difficult to penetrate the skin. With Hair Repro Z's ultra pulse feature, it allows for a more effective penetration to firmly supply the essential nutrients that the skin needs.

RED LED light

Emitting red LED light at a 620nm wavelength, the Hair Repro Z is able to activate cells deep in the skin and stimulate them into producing more energy to facilitate processes like hair growth.

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